Preventative Maintenance

Much like changing the oil in your vehicle, your cooling and heating system needs regular preventative maintenance. With regular servicing, your AC unit will continue to run efficiently and reliably, maintaining comfortable air quality, and preventing costly repairs. But maintenance involves much more than simply changing the filter. This is where the expertise and technical skill of D.K. Cooling comes in. We have 30 years of professional industry experience servicing everything from basic residential units to large commercial HVAC systems.

Our preventative maintenance packages will help you avoid coming across any unexpected speed bumps in the road.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Clean Coils (Inside/Outside)
New Filter
Clean Drain Line
Check Refrigerant Levels
Check All Components
Check Temperature Difference

Package Pricing

Every 6 Months (Twice a Year): $145.00, ($72.50 Per Visit)
Every 3 Months: $290.00 ($72.50 Per Visit)
1 Month: $37.50

Extreme Maintenance Program

Remove the AC Unit’s Inside Coils and Blower
Fully Cleanout, Inspect Inside of the AC Unit
As Well as Services Listed in Preventative Maintenance Program

System Rewards

For Every Complete System Change-Outs, we Will Offer a Complimentary 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Agreement.